Kinox is a German people’s video streaming on demand. Video streaming includes movies, documentaries, and series. Etc. has its existence in the internet from July 10th 2011. The best feature of this website is that you need not to register for streaming videos. Few of the other sites need to do so, but this website has a very back strength of English and German. has listed in the 50 most visited websites and ranked 27th in this category in Germany. This website is the successor to the best visited website and it has almost to the count of 49 million visits.movie2k-672x372


  • Adobe flash player:

This player was formerly known as macromedia flash. Adobe flash is a proprietary which is built by the Adobe Systems for creating flash movies, interactive content and multimedia. After the content creation or the multimedia, the output format that he or she witnesses is SWF.

  • Microsoft windows media player:

This is a media player with which one can play their music, videos and stuff. Microsoft Company has designed this for the people to view their multimedia in their personal computers. This is the first basic multimedia running software that has been released in the market before anyone does. The success rate of this software is continuing even after the decades. This player mostly comes with pre installed to a windows laptop or your personal computer. This player is available to mobiles also which were running on windows platform. People with Mac OS X can also install this player.

  • Divx Web player and codec:

Divx names imply to the US rental system for DVD’s called Divx which mean Digital Video Express and was in between the period of 1998-2001. Divx Inc. developed Xvid or HDX4 or MPEG-4, codec etc. Codec has the ability to cut short the size of the videos without compromising on the quality of the video. This web player has its existence in both the windows and Mac OS X bases.

  • AC3 Codec:

Ac 3 is the technology used in the films, which is a multi channel audio of Dolby. This comes on DVD’s, large discs, Blu-ray’s and in the television technology now-a-days. In the cinema field, and DVD, DTS and SDDS are used for their sound effects but SDDS is used only in cinema but not in DVD. Dolby digital is mainly used for better sound graphics in a cinema hall, and this Dolby digital can connect to six discrete channels. Dolby digital uses a psychoacoustic lossy data compression method. This AC3 Codec is available for both windows and Mac OS X platforms.

  • Perian:

This tool can be used by only mac users. This software has its base from the mac, so it is set available to only them. Perian is the free product for the Apple QuickTime framework for viewing of different and popular videos formats like Divx, AC3, XVid etc. library of popular FFmpeg project is used for decoding the libavcodec.

  • VLC media player:

It is formerly known as Video Lan client is a video player which can run different formats of audio and videos as well as Video CD’s and DVD’s and it also supports various online streaming options. It uses servers like unicast, multicast in ipv4 or ipv6 networks or uses as a transcoder for different audio video streaming formats. It is available on both mac and windows operating systems.


  • Using a is legal.

This website is a legal one and has no illegal affairs to handle on. It has linked only embedded codes. But the legal situation in countries differs for different countries. You have to decide watching movies, documentaries, and series through until and unless you have the permission in your country that means, if the website is legal in your country then you can have a good watch of movies and other video stuff in

  • Does save any information about me?

No, it does not store any of your information. The logs on the server are disabled, that means doesn’t take any information of yours, no sign up or sign in required for you to watch the videos encrypted in the website. This service is not available in European because of their storage data law.

  • Where do I find the tools for playing videos on

There are different third party websites which offer you to download different players which are the tools to play the videos on But for a second, some countries don’t allow the people to download from third party websites,, are the two website links for downloading different players on board to have good streaming of videos.

  • If your question is not listed in the FAQ’s of the, then what should you do?

If you think, the question you want to them to answer is not listed in the FAQ’s of, then do register to their partner website “CineCommunity”.  In that forum page, the team will look at the questions regularly and you can trust your question gets answered in really quick succession.

  • How to report and where to report the broken links?

Broken links are those links which don’t open when you click on a specific link. They often look at the comments on operations and functions, so that; they take care of not happening to other customers and not in future. Reporting these types of problems can improve the solutions for other people who visit the page. The more informative you give for the broken link; the very quick will be the work on the same.

  • Why some Divx videos don’t produce sounds?

Well, some videos have integrated with Dolby sounds (AC3). Divx web player doesn’t support some of the ac3 sounds, so you need add on AC3 filter to this web player to have good sound for your video playback.

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