If you want to have the adventure of your lifetime, without spending too much money, then mountain biking is for you! There are lots of best mountain bikes under 500 available on the market. Mountain biking is an easy way of enjoying the great outdoors without the stress and hassle. Plus, you’re not hurting your pocket since these mountain bikes are the best mountain bikes under $500. So the next time you want to go on a adventure, whether alone or with your friends and family, know that this article will help you in determining the best mountain bikes under $500.

What are mountain bikes?


Unlike ordinary bikes, mountain bikes have sturdier and lighter frame. It is a bicycle designed for rough terrains such as mountains, and other off-road areas. Mountain bikes are just like any other bikes with the exception of it having added and enhanced features since it requires a bit more than an ordinary bike. These features may include suspension, large tires and wheels and strong brakes. Mountain biking is an excellent choice for those people who loves to wander without the pain of walking. Basically, a mountain bike is designed for powerful durability for rough and uneven terrain.

There are a lot of mountain bikes on sale, but some of them are really expensive. If you’re the kind of adventurer who likes to save money as much as possible, then do not worry for there are still best mountain bikes under $500 existing on the market nowadays. These mountain bikes may be cheap in price, but not in terms of quality. Here are the top 5 best mountain bikes under $500;


  1.  Vilano Blackjack 2.0 29er

The frame of the bike is made out of Alloy 6061, making it a really sturdy bike despite its cheap price. It also has authentic mechanical brakes, meaning that it makes use of cables in order to stop the wheels. This mountain bike will really suit those bikers who are short of budget but still needs something really long-lasting to use.

  1. Nashbar AT29 29″

This bike is the cheapest in the list, but still, can pack a punch in mountain biking. It features a 24 speed Shinamo gear set and a friendly oil system, making it one of the most functional mountain bikes under $500 available. Its aluminum frame makes it a bit heavier than most bikes yet is still worth considering.

  1. Diamondback Overdrive Nashbar Exclusive


The customer reviews about this bike reveals how really useful it is for mountain biking. Its X4 components are just enough to make it last long and the materials used are of high quality. The low height of the bike is perfect for flat and uphill courses. This bike is recommended for those who wants an easy mountain riding experience.

  1.  Diamondback Over driveHard-Tail Complete Bike

This bike is cheap yet does not sacrifice the overall quality. It features a 29 inch wheels with disc brakes that gives you the ability to negotiate the obstacles while riding. Assembling might take time and effort but all efforts will be worth it at the end.

  1.  Diamondback Recoil Trail

Diamondback once again proved that they are the best producer of mountain bikes. This bike features a Suntor front suspension and 27.5 inch wheels, making it durable. The bike itself is an epitome of how Diamondback creates high-quality bikes with cheap price.

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