The news is a much older now – weed, or marijuana has been legalized in four states and Washington D.C. of the United States. Now people get to buy and smoke weed legally, and patients with doctor’s prescription for a specified amount of marijuana get to purchase their smoke at lesser hassle. However, with the legalization a lot of questions tend to pop up and ‘what’s the 1 8 weed?’ is one of the mostly asked ones.

Although this question sounds quite like a noob putting their nose into some business that’s out of their reach, yet it’s a very important measurement to know if one’s about to smoke pot.

The 1/8th of Weed


1/8th of weed basically means a measurement. The whole measurement is about ounces and grams, and it’s a rough estimation. No pot vendor will be sitting with a scale and calculator to calculate exactly what weight 1/8th of weed measures to. Marijuana is measure in ounces and 1/8th of weed means 1/8th of an ounce. Basically, an ounce would mean 28.38 grams and the 1/8th of an ounce would be around 3.5 grams. When you mention 1/8th of weed, your marijuana vendor will sell you 3.5 ounces of marijuana.

Too overpriced?

Apparently, the pricing is also calculated in 1/8th of weed, but some vendors might offer the price of a whole ounce. If you are a reseller, things could get into kilograms. But in all possible cases, do remember that a 1/8th of weed should not cost over $50 in the current market scenario. If you don’t understand, just straight forward ask your seller guy.



Marijuana rookies could now get their supply in with the desired peace of mind of knowing what 1/8th of weed exactly means, also the calculation could be used to figure out the exact tolerance level of one’s body to pot.

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