Playing action games is probably one of the most thrilling activities in our youth . Specially playing our favorite free unblocked games is really exciting . The tactics , the storyline and the action gets our heart pumping , charges the blood to our brain and gives us the rush of our lives as if we are in that game . Most of us have grown up playing games like Far Cry , Call of Duty, Counter Strike , Max Payne , etc . And these games have become immortal and will go on forever but the next game is always more interesting than the older one .

Still to experience the complete thrill of the game we need a console , a kickass screen , a home theater and most importantly a handy controller. Controllers bring the real feel of the game with new controllers coming with motion sensors , that duplicate all of your movements and make the gaming experience life like . Considering that most games are created keeping controllers in mind , I would advise you to prefer a controller over the keyboard and mouse even when you are gaming on your PC . Controllers come at various range of prices.


The cheapest and the best controller in the market is still the XBOX 360 controller which is available on Amazon for $26.99. It is wired and is very simple to use . It doesn’t require any troubleshooting and gets automatically setup in your device. It auto detects the button prompts on your computer and has a great analog stick layout which feels great in your hands. Go for this controller if you want to save up some money.

The XBOX Elite is one of the costliest controllers in the market . You can purchase it from Amazon for $149 . It makes your game setup look clean and sophisticated . It comes in two d-pad designs , one with the normal four print design and other is the omni directional disc . It is heavier than most consoles and even though a long session of gaming with it can be tough on the hands , I still prefer my controllers heavy and sturdy . It looks gorgeous and comes with a Rubber Texture on the back which absorbs the sweat from our palms. Definitely go for this perfect controller if you have the cash to spare .


The PlayStation Dual Shock 4 according to me is the best controller in the market with a bargain price of just $47 on Amazon. The triggers on this one device are short and fat and have a more tactile feel on them . The controller is a very sturdy one and there is no strain no matter how hard I pressed it while gaming. It also has a great analog trigger and bumper. The only con is that you need to download a software tool on the PC to use it. Some users have also reported the buttons and trigger getting a bit faulty after lengthy use but I think that’s only in some cases. So this is probably the best controller to use without making a hole in your back pocket.

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